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About Bartley Texas Builders
In 1976, Bartley Texas Builders Hardware was founded by Lawrence A. Bartley. Today it is a family owned business run by his two sons, Lawrence D. Bartley and Brad F. Bartley, on its original site at 5802 Jessamine in the southwest part of Houston. With a full time staff of professional, dedicated employees under the guidance of the corporation's President, Lawrence D. Bartley, Bartley Texas has become well known as a complete builder's hardware supplier for architects and contractors of both public and private buildings.

The company, with its range of products, has expanded to meet the needs of a burgeoning industry, embracing high-technology products and the need for compliance with ADA standards under recent federal legislation. The goals of Bartley Texas still embody the bedrock principles laid down by its founder: "To provide the best quality products for the needs of its customers at competitive prices, with a level of individualized service unmatched by larger competitors."
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Over the years, Bartley Texas has had a warm, longstanding relationship with many local architects. In turn, the architects and contractors have grown to trust Bartley Texas, often working closely with them on a purely negotiated contract basis. Major public facilities serviced include penal institutions, hospitals, schools, churches, large sports arenas as well as contract hardware for an international airport terminal.

While some fifty percent of Bartley Texas's business is in contract hardware, the company is also a major supplier of steel doors, frames and commercial toilet accessories. The staff includes a member of the American Society of Architectural Hardware Consultants and a Certified Door Consultant.

The staff is well versed in Underwriters' Laboratory requirements and life safety requirements for contract hardware and they have a proven record of service in sales and supply of the finest products, all expertly matched to the needs and budgets of its customers.

Above and beyond the expertise of its staff and the high quality of the products that Bartley Texas insists upon, the level of customer service is a hallmark of the company's success. Clients rely upon and trust the staff at Bartley Texas because of the personalized attention given to their needs. At planning, construction and follow-up phases of their projects, Bartley Texas stands ready to assist its customers to ensure that every product performs to standard.

For customers who have suffered too often at the hands of "bid, cut and run" suppliers, Bartley Texas represents a return to quality, craftsmanship and high standards in an industry which too often loses sight of these important values.